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In response to the diabetes epidemic among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people, Congress established the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) in 1997 to provide funds for diabetes prevention and treatment services. Through the SDPI Community-Directed Grant Program, AI/AN communities have been able to develop much needed diabetes programs and increase access to quality diabetes care.

Because of the success of the SDPI Community-Directed program, in 2004, Congress approved funding to implement two new demonstration projects. The purpose of these projects was to translate current science on diabetes prevention and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk reduction to AI/AN communities:

  1. SDPI Diabetes Prevention (DP) Program
    Grant programs implemented a proven lifestyle change intervention designed to reduce risk of diabetes in high risk individuals.
  2. SDPI Healthy Heart (HH) Program
    Grant programs used an intensive case management approach to reduce CVD risk in individuals with diabetes.

To read a summary of SDPI DP/HH outcomes, see the Special Diabetes Program for Indians 2014 Report to Congress, Changing the Course of Diabetes: Turning Hope into Reality [PDF – 909 KB].

The wonderful work and successful outcomes of the SDPI DP and HH Programs led to the development of toolkits to share their experiences and lessons learned. It is the hope that communities will use the toolkits to implement their own innovative strategies to reduce diabetes and CVD risk, and create healthier futures for AI/AN people.

Access the toolkits by clicking on the images or links below.