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California Area Injury Prevention Mini-Grant Program

California Area Injury Prevention Mini-Grant Program

2022 Area Injury Prevention Mini-grant

The application deadline for the California Area IHS 2022 Injury Prevention Mini-grant has passed.  A heartfelt thank you to all the programs who submitted an application this year.   

Program Overview:  The California Area IHS mini-grant program provides funding to eligible tribal health programs for the purchase of car seats, smoke detectors and bicycle helmets. 

Eligibility:  All tribal health programs receiving environmental health services through the California Area Indian Health Service (IHS) Environmental Health Services Section (EHSS) are eligible to apply for the injury prevention mini- grant funding.   Tribal health programs that have already taken their injury prevention program tribal shares are not eligible for this funding.    If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact:

          ♦  Carolyn Garcia: (916) 930-3981 x336;


Injury Prevention Special Projects

The California Area IHS is currently able to offer funding for tribal health programs who develop a special injury prevention project in partnership with their local environmental health officer.  To learn more about this funding opportunity, contact your local environmental health officer. A directory (PDF) of environmental health officers near you. Contact information is available at this link.

Archive:  2022 Mini-grant Application Documents

2022 CAIHS Minigrant Application Solicitation Letter (pdf)

2022 CAIHS Minigrant Application (suitable for printing,DOCX)

2022 CAIHS Minigrant Application (filable pdf)

Application Guide (pdf)