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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - July 10, 2016


Hi All,


  1. Attached you'll find our most recently updated CA RD-Nutrition Roster (PDF), thanks for the ongoing corrections, after reviewing the roster please forward back any needed changes. 

          For those receiving this group email for the first time welcome!

  2. If you attended the May 9th Nutrition Basket breakout session, and haven't received your CPEU certificate please reply to let me know. 
  3. Exciting news, if you've not heard, the IHS Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention (DDTP) has a Nutrition Consultant on staff now!  You'll find Kelli Begay, MBA, MS, RDN listed on our roster as our IHS Headquarters RDN point of contact. Kelli has worked on many DDTP projects as contractor on their team for a number of years, and is well known to many. See the full announcement online Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving

    which shares Kelli's experience, and plans for national support to dietitians including those working in SDPI programs. When Kelli begins guiding the development of new nutrition materials, training opportunities for dietitians, she'll be reaching out for volunteer assistance and feedback on new education materials, and to review near-final materials. 

  4. When summer nears end, I'll inquire about interest in getting back to our monthly virtual meetings for sharing what works and to promote networking. 
  5. Instructions on how to join the CA Nutrition / Dietitian portal.






Beverly A. Calderon, MS, RD, CDE
California Area Indian Health Service
Health Promotion Disease Prevention
and Nutrition Consultant