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The IHS California Area Office, the National GPRA Support Team, and the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. jointly hosted the annual California Providers' Best Practices & GPRA Measures Continuing Medical Education Conference in Sacramento on May 9-11, 2016. 

May 9, 2016:  Pre-Conference

Topic: Presenter(s): Link to download Presentation:
Vaccines for Children (VFC) Updates, Challenges, and Partnerships for Nursing Christina Sapad, MPA PPT Presentation (PDF)
PHN's Collaboration, Resources and Capacity Building Sherron Prosser, BSN, RN, PHN PPT Presentation (PDF)
Implementation of a Home Visitation Program

Sophia Taula-Lieras, MSW, ASW

Mona Evans

PPT Presentation (PDF)
Nutrition Learning Basket Beverly Calderon, RD, CDE

ACORNS Grant Presentation (PDF)

Fleischhacker Presentation (PDF)

Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center Update & Intake Process Mark Espinosa PPT Presentation (PDF)
YRTC Therapeutic Modaliteis David Sprenger, MD PPT Presentation (PDF)
YRTC Aftercare Mark Espinosa PPT Presentation (PDF)
Screening for Depression, Alcohol, and Other Drugs Thais Turner, MA, MFTI PPT Presentation (PDF)




May 10, 2016:  Best Practices Conference

Topic: Presenter(s): Link to download Presentation:
Challenges & Opportunities for California's Children with Autism: From the Capitol to the Community Louis Vismara, MD

PPT Presentation (PDF)

Trauma-Informed Care

Rashmi Sabu, MD

Michael Duran, MA

Paul Heberlein, PhD

Sabu Presentation (PDF)


Duran/Heberlein Presentation (PDF)

Medication Assisted Treatment with Suboxone Grace Katie Bell, MSN, RN-BC, CARN, PHN

PPT Presentation (PDF)

Buprenorphine Properties Handout (PDF)

COWS Induction Flowsheet Handout (PDF)

Maslows Hierarchy of Human Needs Handout (PDF)

On Dopamine Handout (PDF)

Anxiety Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations within Primary Care David Liu, MD, MS PPT Presentation (PDF)
Marijuana Trends & Best Practices Joe Eberstein

PPT Presentation (PDF)

Key Data Handout (PDF)

Discharge Data Handout (PDF)

Policies & Practices Report Handout (PDF)

GPRA 101

Christine Brennan, MPH

CDR Wendy Blocker, MSN

PPT Presentation (PDF)
Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Overview and Update Claudia Aguiluz PPT Presentation (PDF)
Panel of High Performers

Cyndy Hammond

Selam Gebrezhi, FNP-C & Heidi Thompson, CPC

Eva Smith, MD, Evette Lewis, & Crystal Masten

LCTHC Presentation (PDF)

SCIHP Presentation (PDF)

K'ima:w Presentation (PDF)

Recent Projects and Health-Related Research Findings: California Tribal Epidemiology Center Maureen Wimsatt, PhD, MSW PPT Presentation (PDF)
Million Hearts Initiative Ashby Wolfe, MD, MPP, MPH PPT Presentation (PDF)
Tobacco Cessation LT Shawnell Damon, MPH PPT Presentation (PDF)





May 11, 2016:  Best Practices Conference

Topic: Presenter(s): Link to download Presentation:
Vaccine Hesitancy and Initiating Crucial Conversations Dean Blumberg, MD PPT Presentation (PDF)
Asthma Nicholas Kenyon, MD PPT Presentation (PDF)
Clinical Pharmacy Consultation Steven Chen, PharmD, FASHP, FASCP PPT Presentation (PDF)
Trauma & Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Alex Abarca, LCSW PPT Presentation (PDF)
HCV Overview

Joanna Eveland


Eveland Presentation (PDF)

Dong Presentation (PDF)

Operating and HCV Program Gina Moore, BSN, RN, MSN, ND, PNPc, FNP

PPT Presentation (PDF)

DHCS Treatment Policy (PDF)

HCV Rx Checklist  (DOCX)

Rx Prior Auth Form  (DOCX)

HCV Treatment Flowsheet  (DOCX)

Quick Reference on Liver Tests  (DOCX)

Hepatology Work Up  (DOCX)

Consent for Medications  (DOCX)

Websites  (DOCX)

Lipid Management for Diabetic Patients Ann Bullock, MD PPT Presentation (PDF)
HIV Screening Jessica Leston, MPH PPT Presentation (PDF)
Vaccine Updates and Immunization Practices

Eileen Yamada, MD, MPH

Robert Schechter, MD

PPT Presentation (PDF)

AI/AN Youth Commercial Tobacco Use and the Importance  of Tobacco Screening Protocols Chris Cooper, MEd PPT Presentation (PDF)
Application of the Family Spirit Program Concept

Doris Sloan

Sherron Prosser, BSN, RN, PHN

PPT Presentation (PDF)
Optimizing Clinical Documentation Efficiency: How to Get Home for Dinner on Time Wayne Kaniewski, MD PPT Presentation (PDF)
Making Your Practice HIPAA Compliant Heather McClane

Conducting HIPAA Investigations (PDF)

Making Your Practice HIPAA Compliant (PDF)

HIPAA Security Assessment  (XLS)

OCR Protocols  (XLSX)

Role-Based Access to PHI Template  (XLSX)

Data Breach Notification Chart  (XLSX)

Protecting the Privacy of Patients Treated for Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse 42 CFR Heather McClane

PPT Presentation (PDF)

Criminal Justice System Release of Information (DOCX)

Confidentiality of AOD Client Records(DOCX)

Confidentiality Statement(DOCX)

Drug Dependency Unit Release of Information(DOCX)

Medical Emergency Reporting Form(DOCX)

Notice to Accompany Disclosure(DOCX)

California Immunization Registry (CAIR) 2.0 - Training for the Future Michael Powell, MSc PPT Presentation (PDF)
CRIHB Local Extension Center Work with the California Health Information Partnership and Services Organization DeeAnne McCallin PPT Presentation (PDF)