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Clinical Applications

Providing the highest quality patient care available is IHS‘s number one objective, and the RPMS clinical applications directly support this goal. These applications collect all patient-related information gathered during various patient meetings into one comprehensive, centralized data file. The clinical applications also support healthcare planning, delivery, management and research.
2015 Certified HealthIT (CHIT)
Adverse Reaction Tracking (GMRA)
Behavioral Health System (AMH)
C32/CCD Clinical Summary (BJMD)
Care Management Event Tracking [CMET] (BTPW)
Case Management System (ACM)
Certified Electronic Record Checker (BCER)
Chronic Disease Management (BCDM)
Clinical Quality Measure Reporting (eCQM)
Clinical Reporting System (BGP)
Community Health Representative System (BCH)
Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture [CCDA] (BCCD)
Consult/Request Tracking (GMRC)
Contract Health Services/Mgmt Info System (ACHS)
Current Procedural Terminology (ACPT)
Dental Data System (ADE)
Dental/EDR Interface (BADE)
Diabetes Management System (BDM)
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Electronic Laboratory Reporting System (BLE)
Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances [EPCS] (BEPC)
Emergency Department Dashboard (BEDD)
Emergency Room System (AMER)
e-Prescribing Productions (BEPR)
Generic Interface System (GIS)
Health Summary Components (BHS)
HIV Management System (BKM)
iCare Population Management GUI (BQI)
ICD Lookup System (AICD)
ICD Update (AUM)
IHS Code Mapping (BCQM)
IHS Dictionaries/Patient (AUPN)
IHS Dictionaries/Pointers (AUT)
IHS Pharmacy MOD (APSP)
IHS RPC Broker (BGU)
IHS Utilities (XB)
Immunization Interface Management (BYIM)
Immunization Tracking System (BI)
Influenza Like Illness Export (APCL-ILI)
Laboratory (LR)
Master Patient Index (AGMP)
Meaningful Use 2 Documentation (MU2)
Patient Merge (BPM)
Patient Registration (AG)
PCC Data Entry (APCD)
PCC Health Summary (APCH)
PCC Management Reports (APCL-PCC)
Personal Health Record (BPHR)
Pharmacy - Controlled Drug Export System (BPDM)
Pharmacy - National Drug File (PSN)
Pharmacy - Outpatient Pharmacy (PSO)
Pharmacy – Rx Outpatient Automation Interface (APSS)
Pharmacy Auto Refill System (BEX)
Pharmacy Inpatient Suite (PSJ)
Pharmacy-Automated Dispensing Interface System (BOP)
Prenatal Care Module (BJPN)
Promoting Interoperability Performance Reports (APCM)
Radiology (RA)
Referred Care Information System (BMC)
Release of Information (BRN)
Taxonomy (ATX)
Uniform Data System (BUD)
VA Clinical Reminders (PXRM)
VA Health Summary (GMTS)
Vitals/Measurements (GMRV)
Well Child Component (VEN)
Women's Health (BW)