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February 2013 Blogs

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

Useful Reference Materials

I wanted to share some reference materials that show the IHS Areas in relation to the HHS Regions and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs). Since we are working more in collaboration with the HHS Regions, and the HHS regional consultations are in progress, I thought the comparison between IHS Areas and HHS Regions (courtesy of HHS) would be helpful. I also included the comparison of IHS Areas with the VA VISNs (courtesy of the VA) so that it is easy to see the areas covered by our new collaborative partners as we work on the VA-IHS MOU and the VA-IHS Reimbursement Agreement. Hope these reference materials are helpful!

Click on the thumbnails for larger images

Thumbnail - clicking will open full size image - Map of IHS Areas and the VA Veterans Integrated Service Networks
Thumbnail - clicking will open full size image - IHS Areas and HHS Regions Map