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Update #2: Lapse in Appropriations

During the government shutdown, we want to encourage Tribes to contact their Area and Headquarters offices for assistance or questions. Contact numbers that may be useful to you are listed below:


IHS Area Offices
Alaska 907-729-3686 Nashville 615-467-1500
Aberdeen 605-226-7581 Navajo 928-871-5811
Albuquerque 505-248-4500 Oklahoma City 405-951-3820
Bemidji 218-444-0452 Phoenix 602-364-5039
Billings 406-247-7107 Portland 503-414-5555
California 916-930-3981, ext. 334 Tucson 520-295-2405


IHS Headquarters Offices
Office of Tribal Self-Governance 301-443-7821
Office Of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes 301-443-1794
Office of Urban Indian Health Programs 301-443-1631
IHS Headquarters Main Numbers 301-443-1083