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Changes to the IHS RPMS Software Update release cycle

by CDR Mark Rives, CIO, OIT

The IHS constantly strives for improvement in the care we provide. This quest for improvement extends into the Information Technology products and services which we provide as well.

As part our quest for improvement, we are announcing a change from our previous RPMS Software update release practice. Beginning in 2016, the IHS Office of Information Technology has changed to a quarterly software release schedule as a departure from our past practice which was more centered on an Ad Hoc release schedule.

Establishing a software update release cycle is vital because it announces a timetable for when stakeholders can expect to get some functionality. It also creates a routine around which all teams at headquarters, Area Office and facility can align. Establishing a regular release schedule is considered an industry "best practice" and is part of a larger effort to improve our interaction with RPMS users and RPMS systems administrators, which we believe will make distributing and using RPMS software easier and provide a more consistent experience.

CDR Mark Rives is the Chief Information Officer for the Indian Health Service. He holds a Doctor of Science degree in Information Systems and Communications as well as a Master degree in Computer Information Systems.

CDR Mark Rives, CIO, OIT