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National Women’s Health Week May 10-16, 2020: Taking Time for Ourselves

by Kristina Cary, IHS Virtual Student Federal Program intern

This year marks the 21st annual National Women’s Health Week which kicked off on Mother’s Day, May 10 and continues through May 16. This annual observance serves as a reminder for all women to make health a priority and to build healthy habits for life.

What Can I Do?

Although we are experiencing disruptions during the current outbreak of COVID-19, there are still many steps we can take to focus on well-being and improve our overall health. Some of these include: 

Stay Motivated, Encourage Others

During National Women’s Health Week, practice social distancing, encourage each other to share stories, and activities by posting to social media using #NWHW, #FindYourHealth, #DistanceToGetClose, and #WellnessWarriors.

It’s important to remember that every woman is unique in their health journey, and therefore may need a different approach than others. Take time to understand what your individual goals are, what motivates you, and the best plan of action for you. The Office on Women’s Health Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  also has an interactive online tool that can provide personalized tips to help get you started.

Be Informed

IHS helps to support healthy lifestyles among American Indian and Alaska Native women by providing healthcare, education and prevention.  IHS provides multiple resources and tips that can be found through the Health Topics, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, Health Education Self-Management and Women’s Health web pages.  Health educators, Health promoters and Community Health Representatives also serve as advocates to help provide health information and resources.

National Women’s Health Week is a short reminder, but the healthy choices we make will last a lifetime.

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Kristina Cary, IHS Virtual Student Federal Program intern
Kristina Cary is a Virtual Student Federal Program intern in the Division of Clinical and Community Services at the Indian Health Service. Since 2010, she has served as a service member in the United States Army. Her duties in the Army have included career counselor, nutrition care specialist, and human resources. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Nutrition from the University of Colorado and is completing her Master of Public Health from Benedictine University.